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my husband NEEDS to learn this!  Lol

If you tickle me I am not responsible for your injuries, remember that. I keep telling my husband that!

Tough | Aggression | Enneagram 8

Some people just need a high five In the face With a chair Made of steel Twice From Hulk!

So true.

So true but at work not school. If I was in a quiet classroom I would def go to sleep. Good thing I work with kids!

They failed

No skinny jeans and no sagging. Buy yourself a pair of well fit jeans, PLEASE!

Lol this is exactly how my work week is lol doing 15 hr shifts overnights get to work in the daytime stay at work overnight and still at work when the sun rises i loose tracks of days i love working it gives me something to do rather then sit home at home by myself aka mind of joseph

30 of the Funniest (Non-LDS related) Memes From the Past Week

Very true, all the streets in my neighborhood is names after streets. my street is maple :)

story. of. my. life.

The only thing preventing me from smashing my alarm clock at is the fact that it;s my cellphone.


Parenting Confession - ME with 2 kids = coffee in the morning / margaritas at night

or intruders... or ghosts!! Forever afraid of the dark.

I did this the other weekend.except replace "monsters" with "zombies." Someone was shooting off and I thought, "What if those are rifles? What if it's zombies?" This is why I choose not to watch scary movies! :) I've got "scary" covered.

Omfg....people are idiots!

people are idiots!


I don't have a problem with idiots. I have a problem with the fact they have an internet connection.

That awkward moment when you spell a common word correctly....

Funny pictures about When you spell a common word correctly. Oh, and cool pics about When you spell a common word correctly. Also, When you spell a common word correctly.