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Except the real Santa Claus was a tall and fit woodsman....you can thank Coca Cola and Macy's for the modern fat one....

Which is why Christmas isn't a big deal to me. Plus, we wouldn't want to give atheists more ammo to shoot us verbally while we keep our smiles in place and turn the other cheek while they practice freedom of speech and disdain.

LGBT Movement's photo.

No I’m not joking I am a catholic I can’t sell you condoms please try register 8 she is muslim so take your ham to register 9 clerk


Just because your religion doesnt believe in gay marriage, doesnt mean you can take away their equal rights to marry. Also doesnt mean you can call members of the LGBT community disgusting, or tell them they are sinners who are going to Hell just for bein

Inglourious Basterds!

Inglourious Basterds Or Treasured Children

We noemen het alleen 'goeiemorgen' omdat 'hou je bek en sterf' sociaal gezien niet echt toelaatbaar is. We just called it 'good morning' because 'shut the FUCK up and die' is social not really admissible.

We call it "good morning" because "shut up and die" is socially not really acceptable. Rumag is zo lekker grof ;



Ahhhhh, my first word.

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Funny Memes Skewering the 2016 GOP Candidates: Reinvention of Ted Cruz

Funny Memes Skewering the 2016 GOP Candidates

Check out my article on Catholic Church sexual abuse crimes. Here's how we make the situation better and why it hasn't happened. www.oldsimo.com

religion of child molesters is so much better than religion of suicide bombers.

All religion are evil

Holocaust Gods punishment on the jewish people for turning their back on christ Scumbag Christian