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My room is not messy; it is an obstacle course designed to keep me fit. This must be a statement from my oldest son David!

Messy handwriting vs neat

I fully embrace my bad handwriting! I seriously have such bad handwriting. Sometimes I think too fast and my hand can't keep up so I skip words :/ ~ Embrace your crappy writing ladies !

Does it really work?

Funny pictures about Ever heard of princesses? Oh, and cool pics about Ever heard of princesses? Also, Ever heard of princesses?

Your Dad warned u Miley. He hates u now. Why do u think Hannah Montana's dead Ur dad doesn't think that

No, false. Unless the whole house is awake, or you are prepared to deal with the consequences of waking everyone up.

'Any time is Jenga time' hahaha along with nilla wafer top hat time hahah

What To Do When Your Phone Is Stolen

What To Do When Your Phone Is Stolen

Funny pictures about My phone was stolen. Oh, and cool pics about My phone was stolen. Also, My phone was stolen.

But seriously....I am all kinds of blind without them.

I hate it when people wear fake glasses in an attempt to get a nerd look.- Glasses ARE NOT nerdy.

facebook problems

"He's cute, I swear. Let me find a better picture. How many times have single ladies heard this from their friends trying to set them up on dates.

every morning

We have such a strange relationship with our beds and pillows. A night: But I don't want to spend time with you bed! In the morning: I want to spend the rest of my life here, with you, while I sleep.