A fiery red and orange phoenix feather tattoo that includes an eye, symbolic of being watched over by a higher power.without the higher power.

chouuuu <3

Newborn Baby That Had To Have Surgery. :/ cute photo idea though, could use this for the new baby with Alans angel wing tattoo.

Phoenix tattoo is probably one of the most popular forms of tattoos, while having a lot of meaning. In this article I'll talk about the phoenix and about t

Phoenix feather

I got this done a few days ago from West Coast Tattoos Falcon by the amazing Larnie. Theres a long and personal story behind getting a phoenix feather but i just wanted to share it because i love it.

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I like the shape of the feather, bent, not broken. It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. A Dumbledore quote with a Phoenix feather

A red and a black phoenix on the man's side. Color: Red. Tags: Creative

Double Phoenix Tattoo Idea

phoenix ink by quintocavaleiro. this would be cool if it were the shadow of a person, hunched over and seemingly defeated, with the phoenix rising above

40 Mermaid Tattoo Designs for Girls

40 Mermaid Tattoo Designs for Girls

The little mermaid tattoo. I love this tattoo and how it is black ink and than color for the mermaid. Very cool.

Initial design for Phoenix feather xx

This creative phoenix tattoo uses blue feathers to accentuate the fire bird’s red and gold plumage.