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Since I was little, so far, my interest in dance has never stopped. Watching movie “Dance with me” I fell in love in Latino-american dances and since than dreamed that I’ll dance… #ballet #twinkletoes #dance

Let's Learn Dancing. Dance Costume Fringed Skirt and Sequined Top for Latin Jazz Tap PerformanceSpandex Fabric Polyester Fabric Modern Tap Jazz Latin Dance Costumes Stage Outfi

fringe :) #Ballroom #Dance

I think a sketch of the feet and shoes would make an awesome ballroom tattoo

This Latin skirt probably does not move very much (compared to fringe or a classic flared skirt), but it is SUPER COOL!

I don't imagine this Latin skirt moves very much (compared to fringe or a classic flared skirt), but it such is SUPER COOL!

Poetry in Motion ✔

This 82 year old man was encouraging everyone in the square to dance the Tango.

Misty Lown of More Than Just Great Dancing shares 4 great tips for mixing up your class offerings and boosting registration!

4 New Ways to Increase Dance School Registration

A class used to be the ONLY way to take dance lessons. Recently, we built a new method to increase dance school registration.

Learn To Tango! - studio t blog

Learn To Tango!

Here we share the history behind Tango music and teach you the dance, step-by-step. Turn on the music and let's get started!