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Cave by ~Rahmatozz on deviantART

This image gave me the idea of possibly adding a cave entrance into the backdrop glowing with many particle effects to give off more of the alien's culture.

"When Marnie Was There" Ghibli papercraft

ジブリのせかい on

"When Marnie Was There" Ghibli papercraft

♡ ♡ "Caja de herramientas"  realizada por el Artista Estadounidense William R. Robertson.  Apareció en una revista especializada en 2012, y empleó más de 1000 horas en su realización.

29 Adorably Tiny Versions Of Normal-Sized Things

I am a sucker for a good miniature. "Beautifully made miniature century tool chest with tiny, working tools"

Tudor Cottage @ Philadelphia Miniaturia:: A Premier Dollhouse Miniature Show.

Philadelphia Miniaturia : Premier Dollhouse Miniature Show the Greenleaf Storybook cottage kit made over so well!

Fireplace Idea - Use picture frame as carved trim.

Knotty By Nature: Dollhouse Fireplace idea Found a cheap wooden fireplace and cut a frame in half to glue on the front of it. Painted it all white with acrylic. Took 3 coats

This Doll House built by Paul Cumbie in 1883, modeled exactly on the Vanderbilt mansion at 660 5th Ave, New York.

This doll house was built by Paul Cumbie in modeled exactly on the Vanderbilt mansion at 660 Ave, New York. Incidentally, I’ve just learned that the first doll house on record was.

Still need to completely finish off bed detail, bed spread and fix bedside table. Model will be perched on the end of the bed. Now thinking something more suggestive, a silk night gown rather than just PJs?