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Even though I'm no longer in the Les Mis fandom. XD<----how can you "no longer be in the les mis fandom"

I know it's the movie, but it is the musical I thought of so, HA!

Les Miserables to the tune of The Sound of Music. This is hilarious! The Sound of Miserables


Funny pictures about Amanda Seyfried Fainting On The Set Of Les Miserables. Oh, and cool pics about Amanda Seyfried Fainting On The Set Of Les Miserables. Also, Amanda Seyfried Fainting On The Set Of Les Miserables photos.

Community: 23 Times The Musical Theater Side Of Tumblr Was Not OK

a very miserable musical.this was supposed to be a mash up of AVPM and Les Mis, but now as I look at it, it kinda describes Les Mis pretty accurately.

No, no. I just can't.  #lesmiserables

They did this whole thing with Russell Crowe and Aaron Tveit–who was hanging upside down with the blood rushing to his head– and this went on for like five minutes. and it's not even in the movie.


There was that video were it had a jump cut and Tyler said "guys I just learned something about phill and I'm not allowed to tell you"

Les  miserables too funny not to share

Ok so in the Broadway production he is carried like a baby, only because it is a stage and NOT A REAL SEWER! This is a movie thus being a realistic sewer! Never make fun of Musicals!

I give you: Les Avengérables. Hahaha... Thor... I can't stop laughing.

Les Avenrgerablés

Funny pictures about Les Avengerables. Oh, and cool pics about Les Avengerables. Also, Les Avengerables.