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Kumpi yrittää pelastaa kumpaa?

picture prompt: Look at this picture. Your first thought is you're looking from the angle of the person saving the falling girl - But what if that's the wrong perspective: what if you're falling and she's flying to save you?

Mermaid Hybrids - yo I’ve had the inkling of an idea to do a mermaid Medusa tattoo, eels for hair and all

Dedicado a meu broder ~viniciusalv pelo seu aniversário. Girl Sky of flames By *Ludo38 FACTORY 1 By ~monkey-stock Field 4 By ~PerfectionStock and SXC Rest my resource Bad Girl I Bad Girl II Bad Gir...

I start climbing hearing my friend. "What if it is an electric fence?" "It says no trespassing do you see it say it is an electric fence?" I say looking down and start climbing the fence (Rebel rp anyone?I am the girl climbing.

Fake name generator

The Fake Name Generator generates a WHOLE NEW IDENTITY including addresses, credit card information, etc. What a great source for student writing prompts!

Amnesiac Villain I love this and must save it. || Language warning at the end

Breaking out of the cliche I think a complementary amnesiac hero would be equally fascinating

Ladder Into Heaven

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Surreal art by To Another Reality .by Vimark >> Surreal - Dreaming - Fantasy

Jumping in leaves as soon as you finished raking them into a pile! Interesting to note that this was apparently more of a northern vs. southern ritual. A friend of mine from the south said they would never do that because there might be "critters" in the pile.

Jumping in leaf piles. If I close my eyes and think, I can still smell the smell of the wet, decaying leaves. God, I just loved jumping in leaves or hiding in a leaf pile and scaring my friends. Do kids even do that anymore?

Someone needs to turn this into a story

Whooaaah what if there was a guy who actually did not exist, but wanted to exist really badly. I know that sounds stupid but it's better in my mind. But how would we tell that in a story if he doesn't exist?

Anger illustration: very imaginative illustration of intern anger. Can also illustrate anger as a complicated feeling that as different aspects

This is A picture right out of a scene in Copyright A Novel. Photo by Rachel Baran Photography (used with permission). Caught bf w/ someone?

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"Last kiss sweetheart" he whispered as he kissed her forehead for what he knew was the last time