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It looks like someone's in the dog house! Three-month-old Jack Russell gets a ticking off from his mother for harassing his grandma

Sometimes dogs can be funny as they are cute. That's funny dogs.

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On the road again stay home, mommie will take care of you

Jack Russell Terrier *Tuff little dogs.Bite big dogs that threaten straight on the nose.

Aller,,au bain tout le monde <3 **

Why on earth would you give a bath to 4 jacks at once? Death wish if I ever saw one lol

DIY Jack Russell Terrier Grooming. Fast and Simple!

Jack Russells taking a bath. they tolerate so much better than mine.

Parson Russell Terrier

Dani and Skylar's Parson Russell Terrier puppy: Travis Clark Conley. Travis is a shelter dog, from the local shelter.

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Someone has to do the dishes right?

How much does this cutie charge per hour? I'd like to meet the dog and the brilliant photographer.