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Is this the asari version of pouting?

trash can

xla-hainex: “favorite female character so far ”

james vega - Поиск в Google

Luciano Costa - the face model for Kaidan Alenko from the Mass Effect games.

ME: The Morning War by Abadir.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is the reason behind the Quarian/Geth war. Yes, a Mass Effect fanart. Other "Mass Effect: Priorities" strips: ME: The Morning War

ME3: After the Black pg 3 *SPOILERS* by ~Sketch-BGI on deviantART

The photoshopped stock photo was a bit sun-burs. After the Black pg 3 *SPOILERS*

Mass Effect


if Jack’s hairstyle gets longer from game to game than I know what i want from the next mass effect ・ิω・ิ