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Life Magazine Copyright 1967 Newark Riots Insurrection - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

WANTED: Ellen and William Craft. 1826-1891. 1824-1900. American slaves who escaped slavery in the Deep South by Ellen passing herself off as a 'white male slave master' and her husband as her slave property.

Ellen and William Craft - famous fugitive slave couple who escaped from macon, ga. Ellen, because of her apperance would pose as a white man and william as her servant

Black People have been stereotyped as lazy ever since they stopped working for free

We Black Spirit is a Black Owned Business about Black Power T-Shirts & Hoodies inspired by Black Movements, Pan Africanism, Black Culture & Black History.

Newark N.J. 1970s: 1967 Newark's race riots

LIFE - "Newark: The Predictable Insurrection" July 1967 Back Issue

Stokely Carmichael, Activist, 6.29.41- 11.15.98

Is his audacity to be a revolutionary without Stokely Carmichael, “Definitions of Black Power”

All items listed in this category are from my personal collection, not an estate sale, not somebodys basement. Most have been in my possession for

Early 1900s Black Americana Chocolate Eyes Ad Art Church Fan

Early Black American Chocolate Eyes Ad Art - This is not Black Americana, it is white Americana

Seven African American teens walking the steps to a school, while the white students are watching on during the demonstration regarding school integration. 1956.

Seven African American teens walking the steps to the school, while the white students are watching on during the demonstration regarding school integration. What incredible dignity they displayed in the face of disgusting bigotry.

*THE BREEDING of AMERICAN SLAVES: True Stories of American Slave Breeding+Slave Babies.The reproduction of slaves to increase the wealth of slaveholders by coerced sex, sexual relations between master +slave to produce slave children, +favoring female slaves who produced large number of children.The purpose of slave breeding was to produce new slaves without incurring the cost of purchase+after termination of the Atlantic slave trade.Slaves were viewed as subhuman chattel.

The Breeding of American Slaves: True Stories of American Slave Breeding and Slave Babies by Stephen Ashley This book is researched from the slave narratives that were collected in the as part.

incredibly striking historical photos

incredibly striking historical photos

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not only a great infographic, but an important important message

Modern Slavery [Infographic

Police killings. (The U.S. population is 5X that of the UK. So that makes a huge difference. Doesn't it?!  DOESN'T it?!)

Police officers in the UK don't carry firearms. In the US even school kids carry machine guns.