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I will know who the murderer is when I have the answer to these three questions...

I will know who the murderer is when I have the answer to these three questions.


oh my pugness! look at the way he is sitting.just kills me when they sit like grasshoppers:).love our pugs

Look what I found on #zulily! 'No Bad Days' Wall Art by Image Canvas #zulilyfinds

Look at this Zulily find! Black Pug Typography Wall Art by PetPictures

But look at that face!

We need this sign for Gizmo. Little fatty. her face.

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The only difference between a pig and a pug is U ~ Animal Rights

Fairy dust I guess

This is true, and if you don't vacuum regularly they can consume you and your home. but I would not give up my douggie no matter how man magical fibers of joy he emits.

Derpy derp! Photobomb!

📸 Photobomb Pug 🎥 - Dear Pug lovers, I thought I would drop a quick bit of cuteness to start off the week. As we all know, Pugs are total hams 🐷 - no pun intended. Here we see the classic Pug photobomb technique in action. Cheers, Huxley - Chief Pug Of

Cutest Baby Sitters Ever – 25 Pics

Comfy Pillow Photo: Baby sleeping head down on the back of a Pug dog. Both on on a gray couch. This Photo was uploaded by keveri


Addicted to pugs. *puts a hand up* Guilty as charged.