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Coolest Pacman Group Costume: My friends and I had no clue what we wanted to be for Halloween, until one day the Pacman group costume idea popped into our minds. We made our costumes

Coolest Pacman Group Costume

Coolest Pacman Group Costume: Strangely enough I found this and these are people I graduated high shook with!

Yeah I miss you but you really hurt me. Im sorry i couldnt be there but my kids and marriage had to be first. I haven't said bad things about you nor do I wish you misery. But believe what you want . I'm fixing my life and I'm happy and I wish the best for you. And that's all I have left to say.

Super Fetch Mean Girls Cast Halloween Costume for a group of College Girls.Karen could also have a backwards "k" in rhinestones on her chest.too funny!

18 Likes, 3 Comments - Lindsay Bean (@beanlindsay) on Instagram: “Loveee my teamm<3”

why does that poor girl who is dress as stupid boxed wine have to be the only one not dressed in a sexy dress? Why couldnt she be a regular bottle of wine? get it together Liquor Cabinet Group Costume.