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Fire Born by Brian Joseph Valeza

Artist: Unknown - Title: Unknown - Card: Ancestral Dragon Barbaros (Radiant)

I am the Dragon

Rare Historical Photos

Some awesome historical photographs that show people have always been just a bit crazy at times!

dragons by VentralHound on @DeviantArt

dragons by VentralHound on lava flow thunder of dragons

All-Consuming Fire by Rhos


Wyrm by Cong Yeo (DeviantArt)

yukipri: Baby!Smaug Baby dragons are essentially winged, fire-breathing cats.

Smaug Baby dragons are essentially winged, fire-breathing cats.

here is the finnish image of the Dragon Battle animation. Dragon Fight: feel the heat

ekayart: HTTYD modern AU !  Animals instead of dragons! :Y

If you really think about it Toothless is still the same he just can't fire plasma blasts!

Sorrel's Dragons: a wyvern demonstrating that dragons don't just eat people. Raoul Vitale is the artist providing this helpful public service announcement - you don't need to fear dragons! (Unless you're a goat, of course).