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I remember reading this somewhere about Luciano and Lutz

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I can't believe he stayed up all night.

1690’s America talks about his week. I like the idea that America not being the…

America talks about his week. I like the idea that America not being the most discreet nation is often accused of being a witch. Due to either his lack of ageing or his abnormal strength. I also like the idea that America if a very bad example.

2P Switzerland & Lichtenstein... Wow... <<< Huh, I kind of picture 2P!Lichtenstein with long hair and a dress that she never wants to get dirty, and since she's such a bossy priss she has her brother go and kill people for her so she can keep her gown clean and still watch people suffer

Switzerland and Liechtenstein

2p! Ukraine and 2p! Belarus. I have Cosplay ideas!

Ukraine and Belarus. I have Cosplay ideas!

There are so many things wierd about this pic ok. First of all Italy finally has decent clothes, gg. Germany looks like the old studio Deen style Germany. Plsu, Germany's clothes faintly remind me of a fuckin gAY STRIPPER FFS

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Italy u look so cute in a hat<<< Italy just be like; Look at mah fanciness in this hat and suit! Iggy ain't the fancy one anymore!

Gender-bender in Hetalia!

FUNimation Reveals ‘Hetalia: The Beautiful World’ Anime Nyotalia Dub Cast

Hahahahahahahahahhaaha i'm die

What the hell Spain? I am not Italian but I would divorce you too.

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The Nordic families - Ladonia, Sealand, Sweden and Finland Norway, Denmark and Iceland