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The Skies Begin To Clear by Cor104 on DeviantArt

"This rain that brings you here is heaven blessed. The skies begin to clean and I'm at rest.and rain wil make the flowers grow." Yes, yet another Epon. The Skies Begin To Clear

i really say that all the time..wgen i tell someone "im gonna call ____" then i always add: " AND I AM NOT GONNA USE THE BANANA THIS TIME!" ;)

I'm calling mom! "And I am NOT using the banana this time!" "You guys heard that too, right?

really, he wasn't conscious so he had no idea had no idea how he was carried, so he must have assumed it was "like a babe." well, if that's code for "dragged slowly, neck deep in sewage" you're correct, marius.

Ok so in the Broadway production he is carried like a baby, only because it is a stage and NOT A REAL SEWER! This is a movie thus being a realistic sewer! Never make fun of Musicals!

@Danielle Enneking This is it!! This is my next tattoo!

I got: "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas! Also, I took a different quiz and it said I'm Pocahontas! Which Disney Song is Your Personal Anthem?