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Danger era did him good lol

Danger era did him good lol << yass, this is right up there with blond Jin who shouldn't be legal and pink jin is one for my faves too

Sorry RM , but it ain't u

Namjoon just "But.what about me bighit? Why can't Jin kiss me instead?

Damn we are so relatable

Jungkook is bitting his own hand cuz he wanted kiss Jimin.

Image result for hoseok have you ever seen a more perfect human

Oh my god Hobi Ngl, that's some fucking awesome hair though LOL

pls stop rubbing it in my face that i live across the world and am probably never going to see bts :))

ok but my bias? and it's a known fact? the reasons to stan list just got longer

Needs to be pinned twice

"How did I end up stanning these dorks" 😂 I'm sure we all ask ourselves this question 😅