Do you see a hickie there? LOL This is Albert from my story "Der schwarze Ritter" which you can find here in a subfolder. This is a fictional character.

Armeir, one of Clark's guards. Silent and cynical, but an excellent strategist.

Donn, aka Gwydion Pendraec, Rifennid Fianna of Erenn in Season of the Wild Hunt. (photo by Behnam Razavi)

Fenrys [Fydris Angelus by LAS-T on deviantART]

Commission for PS + Wacom _________________________Artwork © By me [LAS-T] Fydris Angelus © By missrelena Fydris Angelus

Yvad Trevelyan by slugette on DeviantArt (pretty, pretty Inquisitor boy. ) man Ima have to use this as inspiration for one of mine XD