Little Dance Things- no, they are flat shoes or pointe shoes, never 'slippers'! And when people call pointe shoes "toe shoes" so annoying!

And then a Charlie Horse sets in:

I know it says dance problems, but this also qualifies for colorguard problems. well, at our school anyway.

I can't remember last years dance choreography in my mind but when the music comes on I remember it instantly.

“Hearing a Song from an Old Number and Feeling the Adrenaline Coming Back" Dancer's Nostalgia & Musical Memories

Or when you have a break and are too lazy to stretch so when you get back to class you're like "Where did all my flexibility go?"

Flexibility takes work.unless you're Gumbi, in which case, you've got bigger problems than loosing your splits.

Ok I seriously thought I was the ONLY person who did this!!! I do this anytime I'm listening to music.

Dance Problem Mentally creating a routine to every song you hear [and timing it to under 3 minutes]

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