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Young Japanese macaque (snow monkey) is relaxing in a hot spring in Japan. place in the Animals category of 2009 Atlanta Audubon photography contest.

Look Like Lemurs but I can't see the Tails Any Knowledge welcome : )

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A Japanese macaque relaxes with friends in a hot spring in Yamanouchi, central Japan.

Fotograaf: Tim Henshall. Deze baby berggorilla is nog een van de weinige in zijn soort. Toch zijn er begin december 2012 een viertal nieuwe berggorilla's getelt in een belangrijk leefgebied voor deze dieren. Ondanks de onrust in Virunga, gevechten tussen rebellen en het regeringsleger houden het gebied bezig, weten de berggorilla's met steun van onze Rangers het hoofd boven water te houden. Meer weten over het werk van deze rangers? Klik op de pin!

Baby Gorilla, Uganda by Tim Henshall: Half of the world's last remaining Mountain Gorillas on the planet are found in the Virunga Volcanoes of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, one of the most biologically diverse ar

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ZooBorns was seeing double today when two Australian zoos shared pictures of their new langur babies within minutes of one another. Taronga Zoo announced the birth of an endangered, bright orange Francois Leaf Monkey, the first to be raised by.


yellow eye of a nile crocodile, photo by Dennis Stewart

Scientists Sign Declaration That Animals Have Conscious Awareness, Just Like Humans August 2014

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Tuah, the five month-old Bornean orangutan looks on in the Great Ape Building at Utah's Hogle Zoo Friday, April in Salt Lake City.

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Baby Monkey

Monkey-ing around: This barbary macaque looks like it is having a ball at the Upper Rock Nature reserve on the island of Gilbraltar, while Otis the hippo gives the camera a toothy grin

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Amazing photo of a gorilla mother and her baby. Look at that protective hug, the baby's body language and the mother's gaze."we all needs some hugs".


Javan langur, is an Old World monkey from the Colobinae subfamily. Wow lovely monkey his breakfast is a banana.