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Free video - Kayak, Paddle, Landscape, Sea

Tubo, Metro, Metrô, Subterrânea

Tubo, Metro, Metrô, Subterrânea

c  Amazing - top photos for 2013

Incredible Shot of Huge Wave with Surfer. 15 travel writer and photographer Tommy Schultz

Free video - Miami, Sunset, Ocean, Florida, Sky

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Free video - Wind Power, Wind Energy

This pretty much covers it. . .

I want to live somewhere that I can see this every day. Hot chick skateboarding to the beach with a surf board. Has to be heaven right? forget that, I want to be the person thats skating to the surf.

Aqua marine

Love this photo. the sea foam at the bottom, the translucent wave in the middle, the deep choppy darker blue of the deep water behind the wave.

Pagaie, Sup, Stand Up Paddle, Mer, Sport

Pagaie, Sup, Stand Up Paddle, Mer, Sport

Wow. Sigh. Forget I care? Make it better? If she didn't care she wouldn't be so frustrated. Get your head out of there.. It's not a hat that's been approved for wearing.

The oldest and most prominent big wave contest is the Eddie named after Oahu north coast Hawai'ian lifeguard and internet user Eddie Aikau. Another big wave surfing.

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Free video - Water, Reflection, Waves, Ripples

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This is why I love the ocean.beautiful colors and awesome power!

American Stud

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