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Hi there

and you're worried that you're used to a bad smell. and then you ask you friends what your house smells like and they don't know how to describe it lol

I think it's just me :-)

Or my friend asks why I smile and laugh to myself in class.

Teenager posts

Teenager Post When I read your text messages I can hear exactly how you would say it. (this is when I text my friends)

Amazing.....now when my parents tell me I have to study I will say ok I will sleep, talking, unlimited texting, dreaming, yawning

sleep, talking, unlimited texting, dreaming, yawning - 🙈☺️ Sounds about right - okay going to put my phone away now otherwise I'll never get started!

so relatable on imgfave

Ok this somewhat as to do with it but at school lunches did you and your friends ever have a chugging contest