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Sherlock - my greatest talent is being able to watch 5 years worth of a TV programme in one week. Not hard if you're watching Sherlock

Tumblr Explains Why "Sherlock" Needs To Come Back On The Air Right Now

"How to spot a Sherlockian"<< sadly I would have ducked << that's not sad, I would've too! << never say that Sherlock references are sad or ill have to rethink a large portion of my life. :/ <<< That, my dear, is the most true thing, I've read today.


If you don't get this, watch Sherlock.:)) And Anderson, stop talking out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

I would love to hear jim moriarty ^^<<<<<<<< "Hello, I'm the Doctor and this is my plus one, _______." I'd prefer the Doctor.

I laughed way too hard - sooooo accurate! ---- All I could think was *ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive* --- this was Sherlock at Jim's funeral and he was annoyed that he wouldn't' have anyone to compete with anymore, so he's like "You just HAD to shoot yourself. I mean REALLY, Jim? I'm gonna be so bored now..."

We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn't stay alive. --> Sherlock giving a eulogy

John's speech at Sherlock's grave. I cried so hard. Touching, poetic and so real. Then I saw his face and gasped and the tears became oh so happy.

Watson - Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall. I know he's not dead but that episode made me cry. Nothing sexier than a nerd girl crying over the (faked) death of a fictional character.

Me too... Sherlock funny :););)

That happened last night! Every night I turn my lights off then remember I need to charge my phone. So, I get up and try to plug it in.but it'll just look like I'm an alcoholic.

The first rule of watching The Blind Banker is to never speak of The Blind Banker.

Never trust a Sherlockian who says the Blind Banker is their favorite episode. <<< Blind Banker is my favorite episode.

Ohhh crap. I can feel myself getting addicted to this show...

Some random guy came up to me once and said he need a hot girlfriend to win a bet, then asked me out. When I told my dad this story two years later, he said the exact same thing Sherlock said here <---- Whelp, your dad's secretly Sherlock

Oh my gosh, you seriously do not know pain until you get super attached to a BBC character.

Part 18 (can't stop won't stop)

As a Sherlockian I even found the last one funny. I THINK IT'S A SIGN OF MADNESS

I only recently started and finished Sherlock but I feel sorry for those who have waited 2 years

Saw this post on Tumblr.  I saw Sherlock long before I discovered Tumblr, but I had to pin this anyway because it's too great, and too accurate. xP

I had to pin this because it's too great, and too accurate. xP This is exactly how it happened!

And just that shot afterwards with John alone in the flat :( @Casey Dalene Thomas

I cryed. i wanted to start bawling. And then it doesn't help because one of my friends (the only friend I have who really understands fandoms) thinks it's "funny" in a way.