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Love those eyes! Black cats with blue eyes are awesome. Blue Is The Night by Joachim G Pinkawa Looks like that cat has green eyes to me



http://tunjiwah.tumblr.com/ (submitted by martiantea)

http://tunjiwah.tumblr.com/ (submitted by martiantea)

Are somewhat longer than its legs. As a result of this length variation, it causes the American Bobtail to possess a slanted stance, almost as if they are slightly crouching at certain angles.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know


she-took-your-smile-away: “ Cat love by ~New-Afnan I think I’ll be crazy cat lady in future AHAHAHAHAA :D ”

The name caracal comes from the Turkish word ‘karakalak’ which means ‘a black ear.’ It is a medium-sized animal native to the deserts and savannahs of Africa, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caspian Sea coast.

Gany Gi of Sudden Blazing, CZ ..... 3 months http://www.mainecoonguide.com/kittens/

Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat

Gany Gi of Sudden Blazing, CZ . 3 months - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

https://www.facebook.com/348045638677698/photos/a.348216041993991.1073741827.348045638677698/523117001170560/?type=1 Havana brown Siamese

(Havana Brown) * * CAT ON RIGHT: " De human weez lives wif loves anythin' chocolate. Noes,der nots be any - onlys reasons." - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

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13+ Types of Fluffy Cat Breeds (Complete Guide to Care Fluffy Cat)