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Riikka, 26 - http://www.laddiez.com/fashion/riikka-26.html - #Riikka

“I always pick clothes that inspire me and make me happy. I tend to create a powerful atmosphere and a backstory for every ensemble in my mind. Today I am wearing a shirt and a vest by Samuji, my favourite vintage skirt, and glitter shoes from Monki.


&ldquoI&rsquom wearing a black peplum prime, a DKNY jacket, print trousers from H&ampM, Vagabond heels and self-produced leather necklace.

Jenni - Hel Looks - Street Style from Helsinki

Jenni, 28 “I'm wearing a dress and a bag from my own collection, a Cheap Monday jacket and Minimarket shoes. Colour blocks like pink and electric blue with black and grey inspire me. And clear, long silhouttes.” 16 May Diana Park


“I& wearing an R& bomber jacket, a skirt from Zara and a second hand silk top.At the moment I like midi-lenght and high-waisted skirts, lipstick and mixing dark colours with something summery. Samuji is my favourite fashion brand.

Lottie的相册-Finland Style

Alisa, 25 “The shirt is by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the rest from my own label Ensaemble.” 24 May Suvilahti

“The Tudor family had a great style.” 11 August Flow Festival Iiris, 26 via Hel Looks