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Marsh, I wish that this would happen after college ends and we're free and get enough time to make it back up again

no matter what, more than anything or anyone, & for the rest of our days= he tells me repeatedly when I doubt my worth or sometimes just because he wants to be sure I don't forget. I love him

More than anything, I just want a kiss.

Soulmate Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote I look at you and what to kiss you. More than anything I just want a kiss. A kiss to tell me that you trust your lips against mine. A kiss to prove to me that I can still see the world …

weather | He was unexpected.  I truly did not expect him or his effect on my, my heart, my mind, my feelings. He was the calming sound of the light, pitter-patter of drizzle on an April Sunday morning in my brutal, destructive hurricane.

He wasn't supposed to happen he had a bife effect on me my heart,mind,feeling's, he had this calming sound in his voice whenever he talked to me and in the end on a April Sunday morning he was my brutal hurricane

'I wanna be wrapped in your arms. Skin against skin, hands intertwined. Let me fall asleep to the sound of your heartbreat.' (elp)

I want to be wrapped in your arms, skin against skin, hands intertwined. Let me fall asleep to the sound of your heartbeat.

Their love was strong, but timing was wrong, and love decided, they didn't belong.

Inspirational Quotes: timing with him and me just wasn’t the best, i told him a little to late, and he admitted way too late. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description timing with him and me just.

Soulmate Quotes : | p o e t i c | :)))))) awwwwwwwwww yeeeeees

If only you knew the way I look at you when you have your back to me. I smile wider than the sky because I love you endlessly// JA

And once she finally learned to love herself, the feelings for the boy had gone and she was left to wonder had she won or lost?

But you can't have an unfinished story. Though she forgot room to love herself the boy loved her plenty to share. And he helped the girl love herself again, always saying how perfect she was. They loved each other, Never letting the other fall.

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To a beautiful soul by the name of Erin Hanson, whoever you may be. thank you for reminding me just how much I love poetry in its purest form!