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That's why I succeed

I've failed over and over and over again in my life. that's why I succeed. My favorite quote ever from the incomparable Michael Jordan.


If you want to know if someone is "real" tell them an obvious lie. A human will recognize it for what it is immediately, a cursed will not. They may look real, but they are not. Only real eyes realize real lies.

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Pat Summitt ~She holds the most all-time wins for a coach in NCAA basketball history of either a men's or women's team in any division. Go, girl!

Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed

'Art Should Disturb The Comfortable & Comfort The Disturbed' - Inspirational typography poster & quote.

Venus William quote

How to use sports psychology in your everyday life

If I walk out on the court and I think the next person is better, I've already lost. - Venus Williams That's SOOOO true.

Poetry is art right?

Inspirational picture thank you, quotes, sayings, kurt cobain. Find your favorite picture!

BLOG: Melissa and a Mug, a twentysomething's guide to start creating now, not after they graduate.

Brightly Colored Art Print- "Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" - Albert Einstein inspirational art quotes

Wherever you are...

Jim Elliot - Christian Missionary and Martyr [free quotable poster - Shrimp Salad Circus.] The rest of the quote says, "Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.

20 Seconds of Insane Courage  We Bought a Zoo by TheSilverSpider

Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you something great will come of it - We Bought a Zoo quote

~ Mumford & Sons ~

So I’ll be bold as well as strong and use my head alongside my heart. I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons