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The 25 Sexiest Things That Have Ever Happened

I hate when girls do this! I am a girl but it's super rude and annoying! Boy: "Hey, what's your name?" Girl: "I have a boyfriend!" Boy: "Okay, so I'll just ask your boyfriend what your name is" Why do we have to be so obnoxious!


this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.<<<<My two favorite things one direction and shrek

The last one is my favorite

Ridiculously photogenic people - I don't usually pin these, but the last guy is hilarious!

I love Scooby-Doo so much

I love the Scooby Doo movies sooooo much

I'm crying. Omg

I love my Disney movies, but this was too funny not to pin. This is what happens when grown ups write the make believe dialogue. Who designed the plastic Aladdin's smile?<<<<what was with the eyes?

Just wtf. Is this a real ad xD.

Magical Glasses-the last ones reaction!

This is kinda insulting to people who wear glasses. It makes people think your not beautiful if you wear glasses and your a weird nerd. I wear glasses and I get hateful comments like I'm a nerd.

i don't wanna be in this generation can i go to the the 80s or the 70s or maybe the 60s and i can see the beatles that be awesome

Maisie Williams Reaction – Funny Pictures Of The Day – 125 Pics

Ah, comic sans - Imgur

Twilight though lol XD yes plz i hate twilight

~dolor hic tibi proderit olim~ lainierenae_kaloneunoia cruz

Funny pictures about It must be great to have a sister like her. Oh, and cool pics about It must be great to have a sister like her. Also, It must be great to have a sister like her.


Why was six afraid of seven lol <<<<< I assume its because seven is a prime number and prime numbers can be scary <----- THAT COMMENT <<<< it's because of the joke 'why was six afraid of seven' because 7 8 9 (seven ate nine)'


Funny pictures about Human Babies Vs. Other Types Of Babies. Oh, and cool pics about Human Babies Vs. Other Types Of Babies. Also, Human Babies Vs. Other Types Of Babies photos.

When a girl walks in

It's hilarious I sang each part of the song before reading the new RESPECTING lyrics

School Hours #School-Hours

(Modern Family) Still mostly true in college.this is why we college kids take forever to graduate, because we have too much homework/studying to do and we end up having to retake classes.

Other Pinner says, "What if he's your Romeo but you're not his Juliet?" / "That means you're his Rosaline and you survive the friggin' play. I thought this was so funny just because it is the best comment ever!