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Buneary somehow I feel the need for a human cosplay on this one...

Buneary somehow I feel the need for a human cosplay on this one.

<3 If My Man Was A Pokemon, I Feel Like He Would Be Pikachu, Only Because He's Just Like Him <3

Pikachu is wicked. Pikachu is invincible. Ash is the pokémon and Pikachu is the master. Pikachu stole the TV show. Pikachu ruined the TV.


poster printed on gloss text paper, shipped in plastic sleeve and a sturdy cardboard tube. All posters are digital prints of illustrations by Finni Chang. If you would like your posters signed, please indicate whether you'd prefer the front or t.


There are launch glitches in almost every game, including Pokemon Go. And so far the most annoying glitch is freezing Pokeball glitch.

pokeman mask

No costume? No problem! Heres a printable Pikachu (Pokemon) mask which you can…

Ampharos is suddenly… a dragon? | Behind the Design

Ampharos is suddenly… a dragon?

Ampharos from HGSS redrawn anime style. Ampharos HGSS Sprite to Anime

pokemon-x-and-y-pokedex-corocoro-rumors-new-eevee-evolution.jpg (600×575)

Seasonal Eeveelutions--Glaceon as winter, Eevee as autumn, Leafeon as spring, and Flareon as summer.

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Angelica Pickles would be almost 30 years old these days.