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*check* bucket list: move in with the one i love. hey i can check this off my list:)

I wanna do this. It could be like our secret get away and hang out place with eachother and friends.

Luscious loves: Treehouses - myLusciousLife

Build a treehouse. I always wanted one as a kid but never had one so it would be cool to build one with my kids.


two boys 1 to 2 years apart and then like 5 years later a girl. so the girl will be tough and the boys will beat up anyone who tries to hurt my baby girl.

YES! I want one of them adorable relationships where we play like best-friends, and just act silly together, (Silly, yes I said it..) This type of relationship in my opinion is perfection.

Take cute kissing pictures in a photobooth. or just romantic photobooth pictures in general.

So cool looking

Every time they've been visible in Ohio, I've been stuck in the city with a bunch of lights! Need to go to Alaska!

When I turn 21 baby!!

gamble in vegas. not a big fan of wasting a lot of money. i wouldn't gamble more than i would spend on a fun evening out any other night.

I can now officially check this off my bucket list !

Before I die I to go on the skydeck in Chicago

Ride an elephant in India.

This is a long life dream of mine because I have always wanted to go to india someday and ride on an elephant.

realizing that I will miss these moments so I need to remember them down the road.

bucket list: Create a memory box and open it years later. it could be filled with all sorts of things from pictures to ticket stubs and candy wrappers.