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I Am Why We Can't Have Nice Things Toddler Shirt. Hahahaha Josh is always saying "that's why we can't have nice things"

Do ya wanna?

so I need this so my kids can wear it for my sister.but inly if her kids wear it for me.

If I have a baby, I shall only dress he/she in clothes with quirky, clever, funny or sarcastic printed phrases. Only give your kids enough dysfunctional knowledge to make them funny!

Already feeling this way and she's not even here!

Pretty sure daddy will want to get her this if it's a girl. Baby 'kinleigh will be daddy's little girl for a lifetime!

Football onsie. I want my little man to take after his daddy and play someday. :)

Football Baby Boy Onesie ( for my nephew who will be a seahawks fan if I get a say)

Hmmm...I hope Grandma reads this onesie before she gives Mom a piece of her mind!

I need this in 3 sizes! this made me laugh out loud. too funny. Isn't that the truth.

Bahahaha! lolz-wtfz

I Shizzled In My Dizzle For Rizzle - Baby Bodysuit - for my new nephew/niece Bruch

50 Things to Know Before Becoming a Stay-At-Home Mom | 50 Things to Know

I thought this would be good for some mommas out there.since I am one. 50 Things to Know Before Deciding to Become a Stay-At-Home Mom. Tips for becoming a stay at home mom "SAHM" - Maybe someday!

lol too cute

Funny Baby Shirts Don't Look At Me, That Smell Is Comin' From My Dad Baby Onesie Sik World Product Features Baby Onsie White Logo on Black Baby Cloting with At