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Pictures of the day: 5 February 2014

Family portrait — A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs in Manitoba, Canada (THOMAS KOKTA/CATERS) Source: The Telegraph

bear hug

Grizzly bear mom and cub. Grizzly cubs are adorable, but Grizzly moms are ferocious, huge, and always dangerous

Polar bear nursing

Polar Bear three month old cub interrupts nursing to look around

Global Gallery 'Three Month Old Polar Bear Cubs Nursing, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada' Framed Photographic Print Size:

What did I tell you about attempting to stick your tounge out like Miley!

Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear

Funny pictures about Disrespectful Polar Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Disrespectful Polar Bear. Also, Disrespectful Polar Bear photos.



Polar bears, walruses and icebergs: Arctic pictures taken in Svalbard, Norway, by wildlife photographer Paul Souders.

First you shimmy to the right and then shimmy to the left

"I dreamed I was a dancing bear, and I was doing my dancing where the bears dance, and I was sneezing. 'Cause I was a dancing polar bear, and it was freezing.

Love polar bears / Adorable familia de osos polares.

What do polar bears eat? In this article we are going to focus on the types of food that polar bears eat in the wild as well as in captivity.

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Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle.

Polar Bear and Amazing Background !

Aurora Borealis swirls across the sky over a polar bear standing on a Canadian Shield Rock Image Credit : Patrick Endres

Just past the top right of this picture is the coolest thing ever ...

Family Portrait

Animal family portrait - turtle, bunny, cat, dog, bird why is this happening? How did this happen and why do I like it so much?

this #Mumma knows her kids love the #meerkats at Taronga Zoo so much!

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Squealing?