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XD thats the best comment ever

hahahahahaha whos flat now hahahaha why do I find this so funny?

Wait so it was a lockdown right? My school's lockdowns are so weird, these red lights come on in the halls and the younger students started calling it 'Bloodwatch'. There's only ever been two real lockdowns. The first was when a pack of feral dogs got into the school, the second was when this kid climbed onto the roof and started screaming about killing himself. He was standing on top of the classroom I WAS IN.

Same happened to me and we thought it was a lock down so we were hiding in the dark for about fifteen minutes when we realized it was a tornado drill and we were on the second floor.

Mine used to, but I cut it. It's been mostly a relief, but this is actually the single thing I miss the most about long hair. XD

Is it sad that I grew my hair out partially because I wanted mermaid hair. Actually, I started growing it out so I could cosplay Ariel, so. I'm a mermaid! it's actually AWSOME and cool keep doing that

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What the American schooling system teaches children. All we will remember of school is either crying about how horrible and difficult it was or the friends we made.


Damnit I have a paternal twin not a maternal twin (which mean i have an unidentical twin) i. Brother and sister twin! Why Godamit But at the same time I don't think I would survive with a double me.

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One time in a dream someone insulted me and I made the best comeback that I woke up laughing like a crazy person at

But 3 squared is actually which is equal to 18 <--- Nope. That would be 3 cubed. 3 squared is just

Love this

I flossed obsessively for many years, but got told to "floss more" by default. Every single time. No bleeding, no cavities. I think they just like to treat everyone like they're inferior.