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Does your current job fit your personality? Or the better question is, should I find my job based on my personality type? There’s a huge controversy over this? What are your thoughts? Nonethe…

This is by far the best I have seen for MBTI and career strengths and choices. Briggs I grow up - The Best Careers For 16 Unique Personality Types

Get To Know Your Personality Type - and which ones makes the most money. interesting - all the execs at the fortune 100 company I used to work at were ITs (not EFs.)

Get To Know Your Personality Type

What socio-economic status does each personality type tend to have according to the Myers-Briggs personality tests? Learn what role in society, income, and average education each personality type tends to have.--- I'm an INFJ or INFP.

The Personality Test That'll Reveal if You'll Be Successful - The Muse

Does Your Personality Type Predict Your Career Destiny personality success business interesting infographic infograph entrepreneur psychology business tips entrepreneurship

Does your career match your personality? I encourage EVERYONE to take the MBTI personality test and look at this!

When I Took This Personality Test, I Didn't Expect It To Be So Accurate

When I Took This Personality Test, I Didn't Expect It To Be So Accurate

Community Post: Knowhyself:he Myers-Briggs Personality -- Know your Personality! There's a correlation between the Myer Briggs personality test and Job Satisfaction

Presidents by MBTI personality

{ MBTI } presidents and their types.I'm like for each category, but defaulted as infp/enfp. Being president would be my worst nightmare.not at all surprised there are no infp or enfp presidents.

Find the job that is perfectly fit your personality

Best Jobs For Personality Infographic; Myers-Briggs personality types wow this hit the nail on the head & some say this Personality Test For A Job Is Inaccurate!

Strong sides

Not sure about the conversationalist thing, I'm pretty harsh but not terrible aggressive.

Yes! Finally, someone gets me..

This is about being an ENFP personality type, but a lot of it (especially the "skip B" part) is relevant for ADHD!