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Giant Mutant Spider was a nemesis mutation of Godzilla (Junior). A monster Black Widow that.

The Giant Water Beetle

Giant Water Beetle was a nemesis mutation of Godzilla (Junior). The creature appeared in the.

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Rhinosaurus was a nemesis mutation of Godzilla (Junior). The creature appeared in the Godzilla.

Height:80 meters Weight:62,000 metric tons Gender:Male Combat Style:Melee Primary Attacks:Clawed limbs Secondary Attacks:Stinger Primary Weapon:Decay ray Secondary Weapon:Toxic spit Energy Style:St...

Colossal Kaiju Combat - Rosie by KaijuSamurai on DeviantArt


[Galeria de Imagenes] Godzilla Neo

I think the descriptions are kinda dumb but the photos are really cool

Who would win?

ckc_monster_list:noho-kulkan [Colossal Kaiju Combat Information Wiki]

Noho-Kulkan is a Mayan protector deity, stuck mid-transition between her defensive guardian form.

Angels descending into Hell, where a God rages war with demons for the future of the Earth.

This is a different viewpoint of the HALO Jump from the Godzilla movie.I like how it is shown from a bystanders point of view.


Mechagodzilla is Godzilla’s mechanical doppelgänger from various Godzilla movies. The original Mechagodzilla was created as a weapon of destruction by the Simians.