This pretty much explains it .we love you magcon and hope you get back together

i have a top that looks like Cam's hoodie | ...

Me every time I see Cameron Dallas.along with every other Magcon boy. True but I am more like that with Aaron Carpenter lol

Um did anybody else notice it says "magon" they missed the c

They mussed the "c" in magcon. They spelled it "magon" like ugh who ever made the edit is a fake magcon fan

Nash Imagine #nashgrier #MAGcon #magconedits #magconboys

Skylynn: when people be hating on my vines Nash: why u start Skylynn and Nash: water bugs

This is the real magcon. Not those other people that some people are saying that they are. Here is the original magcon and no one can replace them.

This is the real magcon. The original magcon. Nobody can replace them

Magcon boys Magcon ❤ liked on Polyvore

Magcon boys Magcon ❤ they took over a little bit of my life I watch a lot of their videos thou 🐻🐷🐵🙉🐵