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After my shower today I laid in bed for hours, naked of course. It was simply fantastic.

No matter the question, wine IS the answer.

Sad but true.

I don't have issues, I have the whole damn subscription!

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I can't stand the whole "tunic and leggings" trend right now.especially when most girls don't even have their butt covered by their top!

holy flying ninja cows of esploding cheesy grenades in the sea of social media this is for those our age and older whom act as if the entire world is stuck in high school. p.s i know how to spell exploding i chose to spell it differently because this is how i'd say it in this rant.... suck it muwahahaha

If jealousy is a disease, you're gonna die one slow miserable death. I'll always be one bad ass Mofo.

I love getting lost in a great romance novel  - http://jokideo.com/i-love-getting-lost-in-a-great-romance-novel-3/

I love getting lost in a great romance novel