FREE Positive Behavior Superhero Coupons to motivate your little superheroes!

FREE Positive Behavior Superhero Coupons to motivate your little superheroes.or your BIG superheros. I'm thinking this may work for high school prizes too?

Cute Polka-Dot Classroom Reward Cards FREE! " this would be good when they are being extra good.

Cute Polka-Dot Classroom Reward Cards pt. 2

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These are the rewards I use in my class! Love that I can now use passes instead of sticky notes. Check out Dieting Digest

Using simple punch cards for positive behavior support in the classroom

Simple Punch Cards for Positive Behavior Support

Punch Cards for Positive Behavior - Each student gets a punch card, and when the teacher sees students with exemplerary behavior, they get a punch. When the punchcard is full, the student gets a reward.

Learning With Firsties: Class Dojo and My Firsties

Classroom Freebies: Monster Themed Behavior Coupons Freebie- Fun ideas for simple and free rewards that students will LOVE!

Write brain breaks on colored craft sticks, and let a student choose one when your class needs a mental break! Get your kiddos up and moving!

Idea for Brownie Dance Badge: For a "surprise" movement/dance when you need something to fill time. Would be easy to put in a can and have a student pick one out. Use rhythm patterns for student to clap, or sing intervals, or name tempo markings, etc.

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Are you teaching your students how to solve their own problems? Here is a great, FREE conflict resolution chart to help!

Classroom Freebies: Zoo Time Easy Reader Booklet

FREE Bee-Themed Positive Classroom Behavior Coupons

Love these even though they're bee themed! FREE Bee-Themes Positive Classroom Behavior Coupons and lots of other ideas for a decorating your classroom with a bee theme.