Not being able to catch your horse is a sign of something going wrong. Please take the time to love on your horse and work on catching him more then riding.

Humans are a special kind of stupid! Why would you want to kill such a beautiful animal?

Eventing Nation: 12 GIFS of eventers who never stopped believing I had to leave my lecture because I was laughing too much

Oh hey, you're home early

Back Country Horsemen of BC's Jan. 2015 E-Newsletter

Just munching away. (Funny picture, but dangerous situation -- horse was successfully rescued without injury to horse or humans.

Horse humor, nice trot, Lol

★★★★★★★╰☆╮★★★★★★★ Trials, Tribulations, along with some mild Successes of a girl trying to make it in the professional equestrian world. Starting off with being a working student in Europe.

Equestrian Quotes and Sayings | horse quotes/sayings

30 minutes of your hard work to wahs me. 30 seconds of my time to undo all that hard work!