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Puhu kissallesi Hitleristä, ennen kuin joku muu sen tekee.

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Hitler cat

Natty Beau

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Business cat: Catch that red dot is a famous cat meme. The cat is a business cat. Cat’s feel different with the red dot. They likes to chase these red dot made by the laser. - See more 11 Best cat memes

Lama spoiling the wedding pic ;o)

Photo bomb: Llama - Funny wedding photo with llama photobombing.- hahahahahahahah this will be my wedding picture!

gato malvado - Buscar con Google

Cats that look like Hitler, Hitler cat or Kitlers are cats who have some feature that is similar to the Dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler.

:) / iFunny :)

Our nations finest quidditch players. I want to be a quidditch team member!

Kuolleista jyrsijöistä käyttöesineitä WHYYYYYY

I'm not sure how comfortable you would be using a hair comb adorned with a taxidermy guinea pig. On one hand, these taxidermy rodent accessories are unique