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Miten Jenkkilän media toimii

Funny pictures about American Media In A Nutshell. Oh, and cool pics about American Media In A Nutshell. Also, American Media In A Nutshell photos.

To order the book, write to the committee for Better America. Hah... It's no wonder this committee was only together for a lil bit over a year.

Wallace Gardens - Thought this was cute. Says that it comes with a free funeral plan!

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That sounds fun as hell Saab car with no steering wheel - WTF fun facts

the more you know

Another holiday that replaced pagan mythology with a Catholic martyr story to commemorate. History of Valentines Day.

Started with Regan and it's gone out of control since then. Both Dems and Repubs.   But the Republicans are suppose to be the party of fiscal responsibility?

The term Republican Fiscal Responsibility has all the validity of a Sarah Palin TED Talk.

Obama's White House leaks....

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Obama betrayed Seal Team Six.He betrays PATRIOTS.those who love God and this Country! hussein will pay for his evil deeds one day.

Le jour de sa première Communion (à gauche) en compagnie de son frère Oscar en 1942.

This undated handout reproduction photo made available by Maria Elena Bergoglio, shows Jorge Mario Bergoglio, left, and his brother Oscar, p. Pope Francis as a child

The vice president that owned his wife -  WTF fun facts

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Funny baby memes. BabyCentre Blog

Sometimes babies show emotions in a funny way.The interesting part of showing baby emotions is taking picture of it. Today Top Dreamer prepare for you the gallery of funny cute baby faces photos.