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Maybe kids aren't that bad after all. This has slain me with laughter.

Maybe kids aren't that bad after all

I love Neil Patrick Harris!!!! He is possibly the greatest man EVER!

So majestic…

Neil Patrick Harrison is so many levels of majestic I can't even process it XD

I laughed so hard at the last pic

You don't have time? MAKE TIME!

Also enjoy this comic about an epic plan to pissoff your family. It's a tiny arm miracle.


15 Reasons Phil Dunphy Is Everyone’s Favorite “Modern Family” Character… Ty Burrell Turns 47 Today! I love Phil and Modern Family!

Freshly baked meme for you

I have over 500 Pins to add. I ain't addin' 500 individual descriptions.


Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus. What did you do with Perry the Platypus? *puts hat on* *gasps* Perry the Platypus!

This baby who has discovered the transformative and healing powers of the selfie. ❤

22 Babies Who Discovered Selfies

I love little kids. They're so funny and this kid omg he's so cute lol just look at his face at the end!