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Lifehack: Turn Your Hoodie Into A Popcorn Holder Human version of the feed bag


From now on, whenever I see people doing that stupid duck face, I will imagine them eating invisible spaghetti.

No more crack...

Funny pictures about Who needs suspenders anyway? Oh, and cool pics about Who needs suspenders anyway? Also, Who needs suspenders anyway?

My mom does this all the time!!!

When mothers can’t remember your name. Oh how I love bill Cosby

I'm not sure why I thought this was so funny...  maybe because I'm tired.

You are Beautiful.

Waiter, the food was delicious, could you compliment the cook for me please? Harold, you are beautiful.

Total Halloween win.

Total Halloween win.

:: Tall guy's costume - short guy on stilts . "I'm 7 foot. For Halloween I went as a normal guy on stilts.


Went to the Moon, took 5 photos. Went to the bathroom, took 37 photos. by guest. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

at least they're more hygienic

at least they're more hygienic

Funny pictures about Free shrugs. Oh, and cool pics about Free shrugs. Also, Free shrugs photos.

Cutting Bangs: Expectation VS Reality Bahaha !

reminds me of when my mom tried to cut my bangs right before the Christmas music program. The rest of my hair was shoulder length. My bangs were about an inch long and nothing could disguise that.

You know you're a Texan when..

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Crocs are for kids and old ladies only, PLEASE!

Reason why you shouldn't wear Crocs.I love my Crocs but this is still funny

Two kinds of people the one that say wait and the ones that stop to take a picture. Lmao I'd be the second one

Funny pictures about Blind in. Oh, and cool pics about Blind in. Also, Blind in.

Ok, maybe everyone else already saw this hilarious resemblance, but if not, you're welcome.

Why boybands were better. "our boybands had awesome hairstyles, like Justin Timberlakes ramen noodle hair" ha

Boys, who needs 'em ;) 26 Kids That Will Grow Up To Be Just Fine, buzzfeed

26 Kids That Will Grow Up To Be Just Fine

"Do you like boys or do you like girls?" "I don't like boys. I like Netflix. And Birds." Girl's got her priorities straight