Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! Micoley's picks for #AbandonedProperties www.Micoley.com

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! the caption proclaims, but this may actually ruins of a Cambodian temple

Ray Ruddick's Day and Away Tours: "Stow on the Wold" in Cotswolds England

I'm not religious, but I have a thing for cool churches! --Wooden Door of St Edwards church with two ancient yew trees, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds

Forgotten Stairs, now a waterfall.

Forgotten Stairs, now a waterfall.Feels like way to heaven "Forgotten stairs waterfall " Croatia

The Apennine Colossus. Florence, Italy Find your one of a kind travel adventure! Zyntravel.com Promo Code 1175

“Stone Giant, Italy - Gigantic century sculpture known as Colosso dell'Appennino, or the Appennine Colossus located in the park of Villa Demidoff (just north of Florence, Italy). It was erected in 1580 by Flemish sculptor.

Impresión 5 x 8 tarjeta del arte espíritu árbol por ShapingSpirit

5 x 8 Print - Art Card, Spirit Tree Woman with Stones by ShapingSpirit


A door in a tree -- magic. bluepueblo: Tree Portal, Ireland photo via adventurer


"Waterfall Castle, The Enchanted Wood, Poland". Plitvice waterfalls, in Croatia, and a castle inserted.

7 Kinds of Houses to die for

8 Kinds of Houses to die for

Not a tree house, but a very cool and old house in the trees. An old settlement in the Scottish Highlands. <---- This place looks magical! Like the home of the three witches in The Black Cauldron or a house in the Shire!


Abandoned in Mumbai, care for a dip anyone? never in my life,something would drag me under. <<<Id jump, if i could swim

tired old house and they are dying because people can't afford to maintain them, or pay the taxes on them. And there is not enough money from historic preservation groups to help those of us who would love to restore them.

34 Forgotten Homes Sitting Peacefully Alone In The World

abandoned mansion along old route 15 in the Southern Tier in New York between Corning, NY and Mansfield, PA