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Me... Good thing my husband's brilliant!!

This is me. "Check engine" light comes on. Pop open the hood. "Yup, it's still there.

Nerds unite!!!

Legolas is actually using a recurve bow, not a longbow. Bow Legolas is actually using a recurve bow not longbow

For when accidents happen!  ;)

For when accidents happen! ;)

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Funny pictures about It's a bit cold. Oh, and cool pics about It's a bit cold. Also, It's a bit cold.

Air Bud in da club gettin' tipsy! (Errbody in da club gettin' tipsy)

Decorations once meant to bring smiles and glee will result in late-childhood PTSD. | An Ode To Christmas Pinterest Fails

He sees you when you’re sleeping Because through your window he’s peeping. He likes you because This is a naughty Santa Claus.