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~Teen Post~ ~Life~ ~Appearance~

~Teen Post~ ~Life~ ~Appearance~

3 pairs of pants

FO REAL, NEW HORIZONS! What's with "no jeans"? I own 4 pairs of pants; one yoga, one black, one with a broken zipper and one pair o jeans. I can't wear half the pants I own to school, and technically not even the yoga pants!

Oh My Goodness! I do that half the time I'm just like in gonna wait here and you can start the conversation

Oh My Goodness! I do that half the time I'm just like in gonna wait here and you can start the conversation I do it mostly with my crush

Yeah.. Then it becomes awkward cause your the only one laughing...❤️

Teenager Post "I'm an expert at having a really funny story to tell and then wording it badly enough that it's not funny anymore.

when the boy you like likes your best friend - Google Search

like hearing that one of your best friends who is ten times prettier then you likes the same guy you like.>> Or hearing your crush likes someone else

magcon sentence maker - Google Search

ng ng ng Nash Grier and Gonzales Grier Just make your eyes a little bit more icy blue then we'll be all YAS

Teenager post

year olds now worry about iPhones and makeup. When I was 9 I was worried about if Miley was gonna pick Jake or Jesse on Hannah Montana.

Admit it

Admit it<<<< even tho I always have like 2 at most lol I don't wanna spend 4 bajillion dollars on random stuff

that. would. be. amazing. please...ppl need that sometimes.

If I had to send that to my crush it would be the shortest list ever because all it would say would be "everything.

I hate stereotypes- why couldn't the girl say the boys line- wait it's feminist. Boys saying that line- maleist. No such thing???? SEXIST

girls boys win humor jokes burn joke teen quote girl quotes funny joke oooh BURN>>>SO funny!

It's even better when it's something someone said to your face that you just can't stop thinking about and every time you think about it you smile.

Teenager Post My favorite texts are the ones where you re-read and it still puts a smile on your face like it's the first time you read it.

Me everyday when I think about this one guy that I'm crushin' on  and then remember that he doesn't even notice me :(

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Again, senior citizen and teenager in sync.  Jams are fashion statements. j

A plus side to being my friend is that you can totally come to my house in your pajamas and I won't judge you. because I will also be in my pajamas.