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I am just so confused and I'm literally dying and I'm laughing way too hard. this described the hair-situation perfectly!

don't look like a crayon raped your face ladies

And thats Harry for ya. Good thing I don't wear makeup, I don't like it. Great choice of words there, Harry haha.

I have a 1d friend named Olivia and every time we meet we sing the whole song it's awesome.

this saved my life but the only trouble I had was making my voice deeper ;


hahah <<< I can legit hear Niall laughing when I read this hahahah

Ugh I'm wearing my harry styles shirt and I got something yellow on it o haven't even had anything yellow ?

So will Niall Horan. And Liam Payne. Oh and Louis Tomlinson. And Zayn Malik.did I mention Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne?


story of my life. i listen to music all night. wifi is never broken.

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Dont worry Harry, we love you and your flaws! I occasionally hit people with a car too! :) but In meh dreams lol can't drive yet but still XD

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Harry is going to be that dad who tries to be cool and makes really bad jokes in front of his kids and their friends and his kids are like "dad go away you aren't funny!" >> thats my dad<---yeah, mine too

They understand me so much. But it's also the same with 5sos. I annoyed my dad in the car the other day just by saying the names of the people singing. I made him listen to them and then I made him also listen to me saying their names.

I could tell when they were talking but sometimes their singing voices kinda ran together sometimes but now it's a sixth sense

that's why i love this boy

Without complaining:) he'd Probably smile really big at them too and compliment them:)