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The photo is of Connie Reeves - one of the best ladies ever - died at 101 years old and rode to the end

The photo is of Connie Reeves - one of the best ladies ever - died at 101 years old and rode to the end This is the best poem ever, made me cry.

This is the most true thing ever

Hahaha this is so true, you can't have real equestrian style without mud and horse hair!

My life verse!!!!!

High Spirited Horse running with nostrils flared. Horse quotes, "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

Horses are my life, the rest is just details

Yup horses make me feel wonderful especially those long rides with my daddy

<3 You say it's just a horse? You just don't understand .

I love this quote because this is what I go by, my horse is my life and I don't know who I would be without my horse.

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There's an quote by Buck Brannaman: "A horse is a mirror to your soul........" There's been so many lessons...some I didn't even know I needed to learn. What has your horse taught you?

So so so thankful my horse Copenhagen was able to teach me everything I know. And for teaching me just the basics of life!

Some typing mistakes in this but had to pin.  True horse lovers get it.

A horseman's prayer. This is so beautiful to me and speaks right to my heart. Horse people are just born horse people, there's no other way to explain the love and the bond.

You never grow out of it! Hens Horses & Homesteading #henshorseshomesteading #horsefunnies #funnyhorses #horses #lovehorses

So funny and cute.and also so true! I guess I just never grew out of my obsessed with horses phase.

Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway.

Courage is being scared to death. and saddling up anyway. When I began my lessons years ago I would spend the first half of my lesson crying before even getting on.