Havana, Cuba...One of our favorite trips

havana, cuba Some people may call Cuba poor or ugly. But at one time Cuba was BEAUTIFUL. The architecture the cars the clothes, it was all elegant and sophisticated. There are worst places out there!

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(Havana, Cuba) On his last voyage in a storm wrecked his ship and he and his crew were stranded on the island of Cuba. In July, a rescue party arrived from Hispaniola and returned Columbus and his crew to Spain in

La Habana

Road to El Capitolio in Habana, CUBA. A replica of the Capitol building in Washington, D.

El Malecón, Havana, Cuba - Havana's Malecon is the place to be for...

El Malecón, Havana, Cuba — by Ai Long

Plaza Vieja, Havana, Cuba — by Pixamundo. "A Stroll Through Old Havana" - If you want to get to know the city of Havana, just start walking.