Explore Shadow Art, Shadow Drawing, and more!

Folioukko ja varjo

Super creative craft project for kids. Make aluminum foil sculptures and draw their shadows in the background. Tie to writing project. Videos of babies seeing shadows for first time


Trace the shadow of your sculpture - foil figure or another object with a clearly identifiable shape. Ask, "If I hold the light here, will the shadow move?" Explore how the shadow elongates and shortens as the light is moved.

tin foil figures with shadow

tin foil figures with shadow. Sculpting, and also shadow tracing, how shadows fall, light/dark practice.

Cyclope origami...sympa pour les kids

I look like a cyclops. Or winking eye origami- great for recycled paper. Fun for greek mythology and the cyclops

stickers, watercolors then remove stickers

I know it's a kid's art activity: DIY watercolor silhouette. (Stickers on first then paint, dry, and remove stickers.) Still, such a good idea to remember.

kinder self portraits

Kinder Self Portraits, Make Tissue paper backgrounds on one day then full body self portraits the next class. Have parent helpers help cut them out and students can glue them onto their tissue paper backgrounds

Photo+Sep+02,+2+59+44+PM.jpg 1.600×1.600 piksel

Hmm, this could be a good directive, do a body tracing, then all around write positive words or symbols that describe yourself.

поделки к 23 февраля своими руками

Paper sculpture example- Origami Whales with boat in ocean- elementary art(art teacher: v. giannetto) This would be fantastic for a grade art station.